poetry reading: "raw 25-25"

La Biblioteca Internazionale Ilaria Alpi in collaborazione con l'editore INTERLINGUAE LTD presenta il reading poetico "RAW 25-25".

Lo scrittore Haig Barclay leggerà le proprie poesie in inglese tratte dall'eBook "RAW 25-25" edito da Interlinguae Ltd.

L'ingresso è libero.

"There are many forms of expression in this life of ours and intense involvement in one form or another can lead to a questioning - a questioning of the discipline itself, a search for greater understanding."

Come one, come all!

The Author: Liverpool born, Liverpool bred, and Liverpool to the core, Haig Barclay has had the fortune to travel extensively in his career and to live a number of lives. These lives have led to deep reflection on the state of mankind and the Universe in which we reside. Reflection can often lead to despair and although some of life's facets cause anguish what shines through in this RAW collection is hope, inspiration and love of life and nature.

Here follow extracts from the foreword to RAW: "Haig Barclay looks to awaken us to the gift, however hidden or undeveloped, we all of us have, each in our own way, to make a personal sense of our lives, to reveal an awareness that will sustain us and in some way help contribute to others." "He expresses his declared intent to make poetry more available to all by providing a 'personal take' to each poem - sometimes focusing on the inspiration and even time and place of writing, at other times outlining the message he attempts to convey, and in a self-effacing but also indulgent way referring to techniques which have 'come about' in his putting pen to paper."

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